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A Year in Response 2020 Annual Report

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Robust and reliable community health is essential.

It is an understatement to say that 2020 tested the limits of our healthcare system. Despite surges in coronavirus cases and several subsequent shelter-in-place orders, our clinic locations across Chicago provided new COVID-19 services, pivoted to innovative new care delivery methods, and continued delivery of essential services to our communities.

Our rapid response to the pandemic in March of 2020 included the establishment of five COVID-19 testing sites at existing clinic locations, two COVID-19 testing sites with partners in the Little Village and Austin neighborhoods, and mobile testing on Chicago’s South and West Sides. These coordinated efforts resulted in over 60,000 COVID-19 tests performed in only 10 months, provided at no cost to patients. Beyond the establishment of testing, the early days of the COVID-19 crisis called for devoted teams sourcing personal protective equipment, staffing a new medical hotline for COVID-19 information and awareness, and emergency financial assistance to patients and clients in need.

In order to continue providing essential services in a scalable and accessible manner, we reimagined our care delivery model and expanded our use of technology. We expedited the launch of telehealth, making primary care and behavioral health visits available while enabling greater social distancing. With in-person gatherings no longer a safe option for outreach, community building, and fundraising, all events transitioned to digital platforms. Topics included COVID-19 awareness, older adult wellness, civic engagement, biomedical HIV prevention (better known as PrEP), and our annual fall fundraiser, Big Orange Ball.

During times of crisis, we must continue to look forward, furthering our mission despite unprecedented challenges.

By concluding a needs assessment in partnership with Pride Action Tank, we have taken the first vital steps towards building a South Side LGBTQ community center that will include a new Howard Brown clinic. With construction begun for the new Broadway Youth Center in Uptown, young LGBTQ people will have a permanent place to receive an array of healthcare and wellness services to meet their needs.

We are grateful to our community of supporters whose assistance made progress on these projects possible. On behalf of our patients, frontline workers, and communities, thank you for helping advance Howard Brown’s essential mission.

In gratitude,

David Ernesto Munar
Mario Treto, Jr., JD
Board Chair
David Ernesto Munar
David Ernesto Munar
President and CEO

Essential Action

Equipping Staff with Critical Personal Protective Equipment

Equipping Staff with Critical Personal Protective Equipment

In March, after the State of Illinois shut down routine dental care, Howard Brown’s dental team pivoted to support personal protective equipment (PPE) sourcing and training for the agency. Led by Dental Director Dr. Robin Gay, the team collaborated with leadership to identify PPE needs and spearheaded efforts to source PPE donations and purchases to support the agency’s expansive COVID-19 response. Further, the dental team collaborated with Howard Brown’s communications team to develop PPE training videos to educate staff on how to properly wear and dispose of PPE to halt the spread of respiratory infections.

Launching the COVID-19 Response

In March 2020, Howard Brown launched a COVID-19 medical hotline staffed by nurses equipped with the resources to support the city’s growing pandemic questions and concerns, assisting thousands of worried Chicagoans. During its peak, the line averaged 60 calls every hour.

COVID-19 Testing Across the Network

Total 64,320

Forging Partnerships on the South and West Sides

In April 2020, Howard Brown partnered with TaskForce Prevention & Community Services in the Austin neighborhood and Project Vida in the Little Village neighborhood to provide expanded medical services on Chicago’s underserved West Side. Each partner helps Howard Brown offer the community free, confidential assessments for COVID-19 disease and other forms of assistance. The ongoing initiatives expand our response to COVID-19 in Black and Latinx communities.

Beyond testing, the partnerships connecteded community members to resources to promote their well-being, including food access, housing assistance, employment assistance, HIV/STI testing, HIV case management, behavioral health counseling, and psychosocial support.

Providing COVID-19 Testing on the Move

Providing COVID-19 Testing on the Move

Howard Brown launched mobile COVID-19 testing efforts in partnership with Mobile Care Chicago to increase immediate access to pandemic resources in neighborhoods outside of our existing network. Mobile testing allows individuals at particular high-risk to gain access to free, low-barrier COVID-19 testing and triage close to home. Services brought to South and West Sides churches, long-term care facilities, recovery homes, and homeless shelters are helping to reach people who might otherwise not access testing. The COVID-19 mobile unit continues to operate six days a week, utilizing Chicago Department of Public Health data to identify COVID-19 hotspots and community areas most in need of care.

Assisting Patients with Emergency Financial Assistance

In the first nine months of the pandemic, our Emergency Financial Assistance program expanded eligibility for those who needed support covering the cost of food, rent, utilities, and more. Between March and December 2020, Howard Brown processed over 600 applications from low-income and unemployed patients, providing over $2.2 million in direct financial assistance, helping individuals and families remain housed and fed during this unprecedented time.

Essential Adaptations

Deploying Telehealth for Primary Care Visits

The culmination of many years’ work, Howard Brown launched telehealth in March 2020 to keep patients engaged in care safely. Nine providers are in telehealth rotation at any given time, giving providers a break from COVID-19 tent and in-clinic services and allowing patients access to their medical and behavioral health providers in a safe and secure manner. With the launch of telehealth, the agency has seen a rise in hormone therapy initiation and reduced the burden for established pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) patients who need regular lab visits.

Supporting HIV Prevention At Home

Adapting to our COVID-19 response, Howard Brown’s Sexual and Reproductive Health team launched a new program to provide HIV prevention and safer-sex kits containing condoms, personal lubricant, and an at-home HIV test by mail. This program, one of the first of its kind, provides low-barrier access to HIV prevention while supporting people who need or want to stay home during the pandemic. Anyone can schedule telehealth appointments with a Health Educator to guide them through at-home HIV screening, ask questions, and get harm reduction resources to combat the spread of HIV/STIs, including consultations on PrEP, a medication proven to stop the transmission of HIV.

“It was my first time ever drawing my own blood with a finger prick needle. I felt very powerful in that moment, like ‘Oh, I can do this myself!’”
Emily, 29
Emily, 29
Description Description

Upgrading the Englewood Dental Clinic

In 2019, Howard Brown Health Dental was chosen by Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to act as its primary referral partner for students living on Chicago’s South Side in need of no-cost dental services. CPS has identified that children in low-income neighborhoods across the City of Chicago are in critical need of holistic dental services. The partnership connects all consenting students to no-cost dental care.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation, Howard Brown Health Dental expanded its Englewood clinic, creating a welcoming pediatric lobby outfitted with toys and other amenities. The remodeled space features vibrant decor and child-friendly chairs to introduce what might otherwise be a frightening experience. The pediatric lobby connects to a new pediatric dental suite, comprising two dental exam rooms designed to meet the unique needs of children.

Concurrent with the pediatric dental suite renovation, Howard Brown Health Dental upgraded its clinic to accommodate best practices for COVID-19 safety. Innovations include adding a negative pressure exhaust system and related HVAC improvements, sneeze guards, and door changes. These additions will allow the agency to provide the safest possible care to those who need it most, and were supported in part by the Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation.

Adapting to New COVID-19 Precautions Across the City

In an effort to continue providing in-person services in a safe manner, Howard Brown’s operational teams reinforced on-site COVID-19 safety measures. Patients have their temperature checked and must answer screening questions before entering clinics. In waiting areas, we added acrylic glass barriers at all counters and assigned safety staff to ensure patients maintain proper mask usage and physical distancing while they wait. Our facilities staff disinfect high-touch areas routinely throughout the day, and we upgraded HVAC equipment across our network to ensure optimized airflow and filtration.

Responding to a Rise in Sexual Harm During the Pandemic

Howard Brown’s sexual harm response program, In Power, has grown steadily in response to community need. Since launching in 2017, In Power has increased the number of people served by 32% and trained over 700 community members in best practices to support LGBTQ survivors. In Power continues to exceed projections of people served with medical, psychosocial, legal, advocacy, and care navigation services following a report of sexual harm. The unique program model responds to the specifically needs of LGBTQ people.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals temporarily halted forensic examinations (rape kits). For survivors of sexual violence, forensic examinations can be a critical component of the healing process. However, most forensic services are not LGBTQ-affirming and often do not treat patients who experience same-gender partner violence or anti-transgender violence with compassion and respect.

In Power has been working for three years to amend Illinois state law to allow for specimen collection at federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). With COVID-19 changing the availability of forensic specimen collection, In Power collaborated with State Representative Kelly Cassidy and Senator Melinda Bush to pass legislation to allow FQHCs like Howard Brown to perform rape kit examinations during state-declared public emergencies. Governor J.B Pritzker signed the legislation on June 5, 2020, which is a huge win for sexual assault survivors in Illinois.

To continue meeting the growing needs of survivors accessing care at Howard Brown, In Power is increasing capacity to address survivors’ medical, emotional, and legal needs as well as expanding full-time In Power services to the agency’s clinic in Englewood.

Assisting People Virtually with Open Enrollment

Insurance access is vital to our community’s wellbeing. During the 2020 open enrollment period, Howard Brown’s Benefits Navigation team provided insurance assistance virtually and over the phone, increasing access to people who may not be able to travel to a physical appointment. At the end of the 2020 open enrollment period, Howard Brown successfully enrolled more than 480 clients in insurance coverage.

Hosting Community Events Online

With the start of the Illinois stay-at-home order in March, the Community Engagement and Outreach teams quickly transitioned to online platforms to continue connecting with our communities. Between March and December 2020, Howard Brown hosted over 20 online events with more than 22,000 views to celebrate community, address concerns about COVID-19, provide health-related education and information, spread the word about the 2020 Census, spotlight community partners, and fundraise.

Trans Lives & Youth are Essential

Responding to Patients’ Gender-Affirming TGNC Surgical Needs

Responding to Patients’ Gender-Affirming TGNC Surgical Needst

Howard Brown’s Trans and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) Surgical Navigation program continued a second year supporting TGNC patients seeking gender-affirming surgeries. The TGNC Surgical Navigation team provides holistic case management, insurance navigation, primary care referral, behavioral health consulting, financial planning assistance, transportation services, support groups, surgeon referral, and post-operation plan development.

Although Howard Brown does not provide surgeries, our TGNC Surgical Navigation program acts as a one-stop shop to help patients over the age of 18 address the needs and concerns related to the often-lengthy process of obtaining gender-affirming surgery. Developed and executed by TGNC staff, the program’s design dismantles barriers to care by supporting patients in developing individualized plans to meet their medical transition goals. In 2020, the program assisted 259 clients in navigating gender-affirming surgery, resulting in 16 surgeries.

Advocating for Medicaid Expansion for Gender-affirming Surgery

In January 2020, the administration of Governor J.B. Pritzker finalized a rule that ensures Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming surgery, bringing to fruition five years of advocacy for gender-affirming medical care in Illinois. The final rule prioritizes the patient and provider relationship, allowing Medicaid to cover life-saving, medically necessary procedures for trans and gender nonconforming people. Advocates from Howard Brown, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, Center on Halsted, Equality Illinois, Lambda Legal, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and Chicago House and Social Service Agency herald the revision of an antiquated Medicaid regulation that increases access to life-saving medical care.

Continuing to Support Youth

For LGBTQ youth and young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability, COVID-19 has exacerbated the overwhelming burden of developing sustainable paths toward success and obtaining basic needs such as clothing, food, and laundry services. Between March and December 2020, Broadway Youth Center (BYC) saw an 34% increase in youth accessing drop-in services. To operate drop-in safely, BYC staff conduct initial intake and triage outside of the clinical space, allowing a small number of clients to enter the clinic and gather basic needs supplies such as food, clothing, and masks for a five-minute period. BYC began offering expanded emergency financial assistance through gift cards, which clients use to access essential food and supplies.

BYC also established partnerships with commercial vendors to deliver groceries to places where young people are sheltering as well as other community collaborators serving BYC’s client population. These partners were Northside Youth Collaborative, Youth Empowerment Performance Project, and Center on Halsted. Through offering these programs, BYC increased basic needs services available to young people, while limiting the amount of time they need to spend on the drop-in floor.

“BYC caught me at the perfect time where I was able to avoid common health issues that people like me face. I had the knowledge and resources to avoid HIV and other things because I learned so much at a young age. I’m thankful for that. This is why I think BYC has saved my life.”
Yordana, 22
Yordana, 22

When the agency pivoted to telehealth in March, BYC clients who often have limited access to technology were affected. BYC purchased and received donations of 265 new mobile phones and tablets for young people, allowing them to stay engaged in programming such as case management without traveling to BYC. In addition, BYC’s Education and Workforce Development Program was able to use the electronic access to offer tutoring sessions, collaborate on assignments, and prepare young people for GED exams. Further, BYC therapists partnered with The Crib (a program of The Night Ministry) to offer drop-in virtual therapy for clients via a tablet set up in a private room, which allows clients to continue on-going care while reducing the spread of COVID-19.

In November, BYC resumed its drop-in services at a new temporary location in Uptown. This temporary site is located in a large outdoor, heated tents and provides hot meals and other vital services to youth. In addition to enabling better social distancing, this adjustment allowed primary care, sexual and reproductive care, laundry and shower access, and educational and vocational services at 4009 N. Broadway to increase capacity.

Making Connections with Four Corners

With funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), Howard Brown created the TGNC Research Advisory Network in 2019. The Network supports the development of patient-centered TGNC health research projects and ensures TGNC community members actively contribute to all stages of the research process. Utilizing focus groups across four cities and a network of PCORI-trained stakeholders, the Network includes three additional federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) who specialize in LGBTQ health: Whitman Walker Health in the District of Columbia, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and Legacy Community Health in Houston.

In September 2020, community members serving as a part of the Four Corners Network presented their initial analysis of focus group findings at the Midwest LGBTQ Health Symposium. Their presentation, titled Health & Research Priorities and Considerations for TNB Communities, was an exciting way to deliver findings to community stakeholders, researchers, and healthcare workers. The final research priorities will be published in early 2021. Because of the different perspectives of researchers and community members and the true engagement of the project team in the report’s outcome, the Network has a collaborative understanding of the findings, stretching across many backgrounds and regions. As the team looks to the future of the Four Corners Network, it has prioritized community voices in determining which objectives it will emphasize as it looks to its next project.

Sharing Resources and Creating Opportunity for the Trans Community

In March 2019, we created the Trans Accountability Project (TAP) to directly address the health, overall wellness, and employment, as well as safety concerns of Black and Latina trans women. TAP is a collaboration between Howard Brown, Brave Space Alliance, TaskForce Prevention and Community Services, and our Broadway Youth Center (V.O.I.C.E.S. Project).

During its second year, TAP compiled a comprehensive 22-page resource list to connect trans women to a variety of Chicago resources, including health and wellness services, COIVD-19 and STI/HIV testing, shelter and food pantry information, and harm reduction programs. To share this information with the community, TAP held a virtual resource event in May, garnering over 1,200 views.

Essential Growth

Building LGBTQ Chicago’s Future

In February 2020, Howard Brown announced a multi-year expansion plan for the North and South Sides of the city. Plans include the development of a new and larger Broadway Youth Center to better serve LGBTQ youth, a new clinic on North Halsted to relocate the existing practice in Lakeview, and a new clinic-anchored community center serving South Side LGBTQ residents. These new projects will result in critical, high-quality health and wellness programs extended to as many as 15,000 additional patients annually by 2024.

Expanding Services for Youth

BYC Rendering

In 2021, a five-floor, 20,000-square-foot facility at 1023 W. Irving Park Road will become the new permanent home for the BYC. The new BYC will have a dedicated floor for clinical services and house BYC’s vocational, education, and behavioral health services, enabling more outreach, cultural, and basic-need programs. The new location will expand capacity by 140%, allow programming for up to 4,500 BYC participants and clinical services for as many as 6,000 teens and young adults annually.

“Going to Howard Brown, there is no judgement. When I’ve gone to other healthcare places, I felt judged if I talked about my concerns about HIV. There were times of frustration with life and with my career, but the staff of Howard Brown would always encourage me, and lift me up.”
Johnny, 33
Johnny, 33

Relocating Howard Brown Health Halsted

Howard Brown Health Halsted Rendering

The future clinic location at 3501 N. Halsted will more than double the capacity of the existing Lakeview clinic for primary care appointments, provide additional space for walk-in sexual and reproductive healthcare, and house our first North Side dental clinic and wraparound and behavioral health services. Slated for completion in late 2022, the proposed building will maintain street-level retail space, provide parking, and alleviate long wait times for appointments at other Howard Brown locations.

Expanding access to LGBTQ Affirming Services on Chicago’s South Side

Expanding LGBTQ-affirming services on Chicago’s South Side is imperative to reducing barriers to care and serving all of our communities. The Rebuild Illinois infrastructure bill, signed into law by Governor J.B. Pritzker in September 2019, includes a $15 million appropriation for Howard Brown to build a new healthcare and social services facility on the South Side. Howard Brown partnered with Pride Action Tank to lead a comprehensive needs assessment among LGBTQ-identified South Side residents. The leadership of State Representative Lamont Robinson (D-Chicago) was central in making this project possible. The project gathered feedback to gauge service needs and community priorities, which will guide the development of a healthcare site and community center in partnership with ally organizations under one roof. Howard Brown aims to open the new center by 2024.

Financial Statements

Statements of financial position Fiscal Year 2020 & 2019 July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Assets 2020 2019
Cash and cash equivalents 61,715,390 44,174,275
Other current assets 27,154,271 15,354,429
Property and equipment, net 20,361,063 11,242,632
Other assets 2,448,036 1,904,557
Total assets 111,678,760 72,675,893
Liabilities and net assets
Current liabilities 9,135,327 7,065,068
Long-term debt, less current maturities 10,773,500 5,802,682
Total Liabilities 19,908,827 12,867,750
Net assets, unrestricted 88,923,254 57,794,729
Net assets, temporarily restricted 2,846,679 2,013,414
Total net assets 91,769,933 59,808,143
Total liabilities and net assets 111,678,760 $72,675,893

Statements of Activities Fiscal Year 2020 & 2019 July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Revenues, Gains & Other Support 2020 2019
Net patient service revenue 171,045,073 121,219,493
Government contracts 8,895,210 7,042,540
Direct public support 7,249,393 7,628,612
Donated Services 393,646 359,958
Other 1,894,187 1,293,969
Total operating revenue and support 189,477,509 137,544,572
Expenses 2020 2019
Medical 126,916,780 96,016,225
Youth services 3,235,548 3,266,500
Behavioral health 5,815,780 3,995,879
Research 1,379,139 1,030,710
Prevention 3,783,097 2,372,991
Total program expenses 141,130,344 106,682,305
Development 643,496 670,149
Public relations 692,010 819,384
Brown Elephant 2,731,695 2,954,342
General and administrative 12,318,174 11,098,710
Total supporting expenses 16,385,375 15,542,585
Total expenses 157,515,719 122,224,890
Change in net assets 31,961,790 12,792,438

Our Donors

FY2020 DONATIONS (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020)

$1 Million

George and Juanita Shapen



Chicago CEO COVID-19 Coalition

Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund

The Crown Family *

Gilead Sciences *

Beau Gratzer and Andy Knight

Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation

Richard F. Weisenseel Trust


Abe and Ida Cooper Foundation *

Alphawood Foundation*

American Online Giving Foundation, Inc


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

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The Chartis Foundation

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The Lloyd A. Fry Foundation *

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Armin & Esther Hirsch Foundation

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David Shapiro and Mark Losher

Ryan D. Siemers and Javier Guevara, Jr., M.D. *#

Larry G. Simpson *=

John and Penelope Sokolowski

Chris Ann Spencer

Joseph Stainbrook

Bradley Stephenson

George Strawn

J. Ben Stringfellow

Scott Stuart

Brent Styles

Garrett Taliaferro *^#

Target Corporation

James Thaxton ^

Jeff Todd *^

Mario Treto, Jr. *#

Tropical Rentals, Inc.

True Value Company

UnitedHealth Group

Anthony J. Vaccaro

Christina Van Houten

Kevin Walsh

Weber Shandwick

Matilda Wilhoite *

Willis Towers Watson

Kurt Wittenberg and Anne Dooley

Mario Youakim

Jay Maitland Young, Ph.D. =


Ruba Al Badawi +

Ricardo Alvarez

Anonymous (12)

Anthony Armstrong *

David Arzola

Theresa Ashley


Andie Baker *

Abbey Baus

Ann and Melanie Berends ^

Big Star - Wicker Park

Big Star - Wrigleyville

Odette Bishop

Paul Black

Randy Boberg

Janet Boden

Autumn Bornor

Daniel Brown

Amelia Brunskill

Bret Burdick

Casey Callich

Greg Cameron and Greg A. Thompson

MJ Candido

Scott Chaiet and Adam Brinkman

John Chance

Charity on Top Foundation, Inc.

Charleston INC

Chef Santa

Renee Chez

Chicago Climbing Gym Company LLC

Chicago Kickball

Chi-Town Squares

Closerlook, Inc.

Felix Cloutier

Victor L. Corder *

Catalina Costa

Commodore Craft, Jr. *

CRAM Fashion

Ari Craven

Ryan Daliege

Jeffrey L. Davis

Anthony P. Demascoli *

Richard DeNardis

Tejaswini Deshpande

Kevin Dietz

Discover Financial Services *

Dove's Luncheonette

Dustin Erikstrup

Pat Ewert and Susan Blake

Sarah Feldman

Corey D. Flournoy *

Carlos Fragoso

Richard A. Freeman

GAO Chicago Field Office

Gloria Gartner

Robert Gay

William Gibson and Stephen Jenkins

Sarah Gipp ^

The Giving Back Fund

Zyra Gordon-Smith

David Granger *

Jeff Grossberg

William H. Gumm *

Maggie Haggerty

Neil Halpin

Andrea Hansen *

Cecilia T. Hardacker and Tonya J. Hart *

Gregory S. Harris

Hassett Family Foundation

Brandy Hatcher DBO, FNP-C, CNL +

Naji Hattar +

David Hayes

HERE Technologies

Matthew Herek

Daniel R Hernandez

Jacqueline Hesley


Horse Market SF

Illinois Gay Rodeo Association

Illuminated Brew Works

Stacy Jackson

Teresa Jackson ^

CJ Jensen and Craig Dannenbrink

Chris Johnson *^

Curtis D. Jones *^

Hans Kamphowe

Brian Kapolka

Tyler Karuzis

Helen Kelly

Kelly Scott Madison

Sharon Kidd-Fryer

Jeremy Kiessel

Thomas R. Klein, MD and David Gitomer, Ph.D.

Daniel and Sarah Kwasigroch

Matthew Laboe

Naomi Lake

Matthew Lange

League Inc.

Leather 64Ten

Shonita Lewis

Steven Lewis

Light of Loving Kindness

James Litton

James LoBianco and Anthony D'Amato

Matthew Long

Lou Longo

Bart Louhi

John Lyrla and Laurence Michalski

Michael Macken

Robert Magnesen

Merlin Mann

Kyle and Carrie McCroskey

Timothy McKeon *

Matt Meshulam ^

Katie and Stef Metos *

Christopher Mikucki

Milk Handmade

Rebecca Miller

Janelle Moody

Mary F. Morten and Willa Taylor

Peter Myers

Elizabeth Nandi

Artie Nathan

Noble Network of Charter Schools

Oak Park and River Forest High School

Orangetheory Fitness Chicago-Edgewater

The Oxenreider Family

Ellen Partridge

Benjamin Paulsen ^+

CJ Payne

Margaret Pendry

Matt Perry

Stephen Peterson-West

Amelia Plunk

Joel Poelhuis

Mary Pounder

Andrei Prokurat and Mary Bechtol

Publicis Groupe Égalité

Kevin Rakow *

Riham Ramadan ^+

Craig Rayome

Michael Reppel

Francis Reynolds and Elizabeth Weck *

Robert Rice

Alexandra Richards

Charles Richardson

William Richardson

River North Transit LLC

Aray Rivera

Anthony Riviello

Ernie Rodriguez

James Rogers

Carol J. Ronen

Room & Board

The Roost Carolina Kitchen

Santiago Rosa

Jan Rose

Lev Rosen

John Sassaris

SASU Project Management

Paty Schintgen

Max Schroeder

Ashik Shah

Gregory Sherman

Justin Sickler ^

Vladimir Skoric

Henry So

Sol Solis

Debby Spertus

Philip Spertus

Splash Chicago, Inc.

The SMB Help Desk, LLC

The Smith Restaurant

Harold W. Stephens

Jeremiah Stevens and Michael Elam +

Gavin T. Stewart *

August Stockwell *^

Stephen Sutton

Synchrony Financial

Shelly Tien

Emily Tinkler

Anthony Tintinalli

Traceable Change, Inc

Brendan Tran

William Tsoulos

Jamie Umanzor ^+

United Way of Southeastern Michigan *


Dennis Vetter and Steve Howard *

Jeffrey W. Warrick *

Janet Weeks

West Town Bakery

Jennifer Wilkie

Gregory Winstead

Kevin Winters and Jared Wasserman

Joseph Zambrano

In-Kind Donations

American Airlines

Anatomical Worldwide

Craig Andree & Frank A. Quinn

Anthony Armstrong *

Avila Creative, Inc.

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

Beam Suntory

Black Garment Bag, A Men's Style Consultancy

Breeze Art Creatives

Breeze Art Photography

Brooklyn Boulders

Cards Against Humanity, LLC

Carol's Pub

Charlie's Chicago

Chicago Brass Architectural Hardware

The Chicago Gay Men's Chorus

Chicago SuperSistters

City Winery Chicago

Collectivo Coffee

Comedy Sportz

Cooper’s Hawk Winery

Cubs Charities

Dr. Michael L. Cohan

Crystal Head Vodka

David L. Csicsko

D.S. Trumbull Photography

David Edwards Clothier

Design Within Reach

Direct Relief

Edelson PC


F. O'Mahonys

Field Museum

Fifth Third Commercial Bank

FOURSIDED Custom Framing Galleries

Anthony Galante

Glitter Guts


Deb Goldenthal

Happy Apple Pie Shop


Home Run Inn

The Honeybaked Ham Company



J&L Catering, LLC

Jeni’s Ice Cream

Julie Kaplan Photography

Lori & Stephen Kaufman

Kristen Kaza

Kiki Queens

Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club


Koval Distilleries

Franco La Marca

Kelly Laidler

Paul Lampasona

Lansky Career Consultants


Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc.

Lou Malnati's

Lucky Horseshoe Lounge

Donald McDevitt, M.S. and Alfred Torrence, M.D.

Elizabeth McKnight & Dalili Fridi

Meliora Cleaning

Katie and Stef Metos *

Molson Coors *

Mary F. Morten and Willa Taylor

North End

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Joe Olszewski & John Litchfield

Park West

Diane Pascal *

PCI - Public Communications, Inc.

The Peninsula Chicago

The Peninsula New York


Pleasure Chest

Porchlight Music Theatre

The Pride Project

Progress Bar


Replay Lakeview

Roscoe's Tavern, LTD.

Second City


Skydeck Chicago

Soap Distillery

Sweetgreen Salads

Sweet Virgina’s Kitchen

Taxim Restaurant

Tempesta Market

Trilogy Interactive

Turner Construction Company

Unabridged Books

Uptown Lounge

Victory Gardens Theater

Karen Watts

Wayne Whipple

West Town Bakery

Yoga Body Elements

Zed 451

* Indicates five or more years of consecutive giving
^ Indicates Heartbeat sustainer donors
+ Indicates Vernita Gray Council Members in 2020
# Indicates Board of Director Member in 2020
= Denotes Cotinuum Legacy Society Members
We regret any errors or omissions. To report an error, please contact us at 773.388.1600 ext. 1012.

Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Mario Treto, Jr., JD, Chair Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

Chef Fresh Roberson, Chair Elect Fresher Together

Austin Baidas, Treasurer

B. Pagels-Minor, MBA, MIS, Secretary Netflix

Nic Belgrave, Vice Chair At-large Options Clearing Corporation

Mike Mazzeo, PhD, Vice Chair At-large Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Jared Lewis, Vice Chair At-large Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Members At-large

Tomilola Akinfe, DNP, APHN, RNIllinois Department of Public Health

Maliyah Arnold US Bank

Wendy Bostwick, PhD, MPH University of Illinois at Chicago

Elliott Crigger, PhD American Medical Association

Mark Hawkins, MBA Columbia University, New York

Chad Nico Hiu YMCA of the USA

Jen Purcell, JD

Rashad Robison Google

Becky Rowland, MPH Vivent Health

Eric Schneider Institute of Food Technologists

W. Robert Schultz, III, JD Active Transportation Alliance

Garrett Taliaferro Hallmark Financial Services

Oscar Zambrano, MPH, MBA Advocate Aurora Health

Executive Leadership Team

David Ernesto Munar President & CEO

Anthony Armstrong, M.P.A. Vice President of Strategy and Business Development

Robin Gay, MD, DMD Dental Director

Patrick Gibbons, DO Regional Medical Director, North Region Clinics

Maya Green, MD, MPH Regional Clinical Director & Site Medical Director – 63rd Street Clinic

Ken J.A. Griffin, MA, RMC Chief Operating Officer

Magda Houlberg, MD Chief Clinical Officer

Brandi Jackson, MD Director of Integrative Behavioral Health

Kathy Jacobs McLoyd Director of Nursing

John H. McElwee, C.P.A., M.B.A. Chief Financial Officer

Channyn Parker Director of Strategic Partnerships

Diane Pascal Senior Vice President of External Relations

Paul J. Rauseo Vice President of Human Resources Diversity and Inclusion

North Side Community Advisory Board

Cody Dean

Amanda Garcia

Davon Lawrence

Jamie Newman

Daniel Oliverio

Ryan Soderquist

James Torres

Daniel Wittenberg

South Side Community Advisory Board

DeArthur Banister

Victoria Brinson

Willie Davis

Pamela Frazier

Ari Halle

Lonnie Kenebrew